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How we work
In order to ensure security, we perform all transactions through the Payoneer escrow service
how payoneer escrow works:

The transaction procedure:
Step 1
We agree on the price or you press the "buy now" button. The domain name gets reserved, but you don't pay anything on this step.
Step 2
We initiate the secure escrow transaction. It's as simple as one two three.
Step 3
You transfer funds to the dedicated payoneer escrow account where the funds are securely held. (payoneer accepts credit cards, wire transfers and so on, with some restrictions)
Step 4
We transfer the domain to you, you get the full control over the domain name.
Step 5
You release funds from the escrow and payoneer transfers the funds to us.

What’s included with my purchase?

When you buy a domain name from our marketplace you only pay a one-time cost and the ownership of the domain name passes from us to you. Once you’ve purchased the domain name, there are no restrictions on how you can use it.

Do I get a website with the domain?

No. There are no websites included with the domain names.

How long does it take to transfer my domain?

Our domain names for sale are already registered at Godaddy, Namesilo; some at, Namecheap, Dynadot & moniker (all accredited companies by ICANN).

The transfer can take between Immediate to 7 days depending on the registrar where the domain is registered, and the registrar that you willing to use.

In order to transfer the domain fast right after your purchase, we recommend using the same registrar where the domain currently resides.

In certain cases, if the domain name has a registrar lock on it due to a whois update, can’t be transferred to a different registrar within 60 days, but we can still transfer to the same registrar. Just ask ahead to be sure it isn’t under any lock to prevent any unnecessary delays.

When the domain name registration expire after the transfer?

Once the domain name is successfully transferred to you, then it is Active for the term of the registration.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify and renew the domain registration before the expiration date. Annual registration costs vary, between $9-$12 per year, per .com domain.